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Happy 6th Birthday to Ellie Haddad from Russ Pelton and Hannah Pelton

Happy Birthday to Melissa Geller from Mitra Rabakoff


We thank everyone who has donated to GOHF for enabling us to make a difference in the lives of deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals. The donors listed below are those who offered special contributions in the 2014 – 2015 fiscal years

Friends ($250-$500)

Barbara Chandler
Raymond Gray
Louis Guyott
Lucy Sherman
Scott Goldfarb
Susan Fellows
Dee Jacobson
Katherine Mangone
Leo Karas
Barbara Hens
Allie Morris


Angels ($1500-$2500)

The Carol Keefe & Tom DePetrillo Fund through the RI Foundation
Eileen & Capers Jones
Nadine & Michael Mohney

Superstars ($3000 or more)

The 200 Foundation
Jacob’s Ride for Hearing
Erik’s Ride
Donate Well through Karen Moore/PwC charitable fund


Family ($750-$1400)

Camstar Charitable Fund
Mimmy & Philip Cooper
Amy & Ted Maroney
Bob Pilberg
The Salvaggio Family
Julie & Jack Tweed


In Memorium

In memory of Blanche Balinson: Dan, Nanette, Paul, Toni and Annali Brunetti Families

Mr. Robert Pilberg, in memory of Susan L. Pilberg

From the Friends and Families of Anna Caiazzo

From Cliff King for Rosalie Orinstein>

In loving memory of Milton H.E. Taxis from Mark and Judy Frayne

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