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Cochlear Implant Manufacturers

Cochlear implants are made by several different medical device manufacturers. In the United States, patients are often able to select among the following three brands. Ask your implant center which brands they offer. Visit the manufacturers’ web sites to learn more about how cochlear implants work and to read users’ stories.

Advanced Bionics Corporation

Cochlear Corporation

Med El


General Information about Cochlear Implants and
Hearing Loss

NIDCD Cochlear Implants Page Hearing Loss

The CI Process from A to Z
An excellent narrative of the CI process
from the Dallas Ear Institute

You can also find a wealth of information by searching "cochlear implants" or "bilateral cochlear implants" through Google or other search engines.

especially for parents

CI Circle
Information exchange among parents of kids with CIs

CNI CI Kid's Camp
CI news, frequently-asked questions, blogs about CI kids, and connections to other parents

Auditory and Language benchmarks for deaf or hard-of-hearing children receiving early hearing aids or cochlear implants

The John Tracy Clinic
Summer and correspondence courses for families whose children are deaf or hard of hearing

The Oberkotter Foundation
Free materials and information about how deaf children can learn to listen and talk

Let Them Hear
A beta site with CI information for parents and professionals.



Bilateral Cochlear Implants

More and more people are getting cochlear implants in both ears. Bilateral implants allow users to better determine where sounds are coming from (localize) and to hear better in noisy situations (in restaurants, at professional conferences, at school). Users report better sound awareness and richer hearing with three-dimensional quality. Children benefit from better hearing educationally and socially.

Read Dr. Robert Peters' article on bilateral implants (PDF format)

Deaf family receives bilateral cochlear implants (ABC’s Good Morning America, May, 2006)

Hearing loss-related organizations


Hearing Loss Association of America
(formerly SHHH)

Association of Late-Deafened Adults

Hearing Rehabilitation Foundation


Find a CI Clinic Near You

Advanced Bionics

Cochlear Corporation

Med-El Corporation


Connect with CI users
and mentors
Participate in on-line discussion groups for cochlear implant users and candidates, or connect directly with a personal mentor.

CI Hear

CICircle (for parents)

Say What Club
Online forum for late deafened, deaf and hearing impaired

Bionic Ear Association
For Advanced Bionics users and implant candidates

Cochlear Awareness Network
For Cochlear brand users and implant candidates

Med-El HearPeers Community




Informational brochures

These brochures are FREE for everyone. We are happy to provide any quantity you wish for your support group, medical practice, or personal use.

Cochlear Implants:
When Hearing Aids are Not Enough

Parents to Parents:
Cochlear Implants for Kids

cochlear implant assistance programs

Dallas Hearing Foundation

Cochlear Implant Awareness Foundation
Financial Assistance

The CNI Center for Hearing
(Colorado Neurological Institute)
Also provides ssistance with BAHA devices



Boston-area Cochlear Implant Centers

Our foundation is based in New England and our board members, volunteers, or their children, receive care at the following cochlear implant centers. Please contact us if you’d like us to share our experiences.


Children’s Hospital Boston

Mass. Eye and Ear Infirmary

Tufts-New England Medical Center

UMass Memorial Medical Center

Lahey Hospital & Medical Center



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