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Awards Issued

Click here to see the GOHF’s awards and accomplishments for 2012 – May 2015.

January 2011: Late-deafened adult Nancy Carroll receives assistance from the GOHF for CI surgery.

August 2010: Young mother Leah Orangi receives GOHF assistance for CI surgery.

June 2010: GOHF helps retiree James Futules get back to work.

July 2009: GOHF helps Tufts New England Medical CI Department reach out to local community via the Susan L. Pilberg Award.

December 2008: GOHF supports CI Audiologist educational efforts with a grant to Massachusetts Eye and Ear.

December 2008: AG Bell CI Fellowship Program receives grant from GOHF.

September 2007: GOHF helps baby Daniel Marshall receive CI through a gala fundraiser in conjunction with Advanced Bionics. See Article.

December 2006: GOHF's first gift of hearing goes to Massachusetts Boy. See Article.

December 2005: Indy race team member Jaki Scheckter gets assistance from GOHF.

Highlights of our accomplishments to date

  • Provided assistance to hundreds with hearing loss and in need of CIs via financial assistance/awards, guidance, advocacy, and referrals.

  • Informed thousands of the existence and benefits of CIs via national CI awareness programs that include GOHF presence at HL conventions and conferences, a comprehensive website, and communication with CI Centers.

  • Established a focused CI industry and professional Board of Directors & Advisory Board.

  • Gained national recognition via Indy racing league & participation in national events.

  • Held gala/auction event which realized 68% profit (2007).

  • Established fundraising efforts that include annual direct mail campaigns, online solicitations, arts and crafts shows, Friend-raisers, baseball park events, online auctions, medi-alert bracelet sales, Walkathon alliance with HLAA, and grant writing.

  • Produced and nationally distributed two CI public service informational brochures.

  • Supported bills in two states lobbying for comprehensive CI insurance coverage.

  • Provided CI services and support to children in the greater Worcester, MA, area in conjunction with The 200 Foundation

  • Provided awards for CI audiology education through MEEI and AG Bell

  • Provided award to Tufts New England Medical Center for CI Outreach program.

  • Established relationships with the entire CI community, including manufacturers, medical professionals, politicians, CI candidates and patients, hearing loss organizations, CI support groups, other non-profit organizations, and volunteers.


Jaki Scheckter and his cousin, Indy Racer and GOHF Board Member Tomas Scheckter, 2005.


A Thank You card made by GOHF gift recipient Troy Nguyen: “Dear Gift of Hearing, Thank you for the gift. I am excited. Thank you..”

James (2 years old) is one of the GOHF’s most recent recipients of assistance

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